Owen Lake is an electro-country performer and recording artist.

Combining a passion for classic country with an arsenal of homemade electronic instruments, analog synthesizers, and production skills, Owen Lake creates a unique music that defies existing labels and forges a new sound, "electro-country."

On his exciting first EP, Lake re-creates country songs of an era when artists sang earnestly of spurned love, forbidden desire and cold death. Add in crackling, squelchy modular synthesizers, a vocoder from the early 70s, and a spate of talented session musician friends, and you have his first release from 2009, A Love on My Mind. In 2018, Owen Lake released his second album, The Best of Your Lies, which was named one of the Best Americana Recordings of 2018 by Pop Matters .

The Tragic Loves, Owen Lake's live band, includes:
Ella Stone (Pamela Stein Lynde) on vocals
Mrose RFD1 (Anica Mrose Rissi) on fiddle
Junior Melvin (Jair-Rohm Wells) on bass
Ragweed (Gavin Steingo) on electric guitar
Ernest Wood (James Moore) on electric guitar
Jebediah Barnswallow (Dave Van Allen) on the pedal steel
and Squeaky Jones (Mark Eichenberger) on electronic drums


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