Owen Lake's first full-length album, The Best of Your Lies - released by Carrier Records on November 30th, 2018. Order in digital, CD, or vinyl and listen now on Bandcamp.

Listen to some of the songs from Owen Lake's debut EP, A Love on My Mind:

Let's Get Together (One More Time)

I Wish it had Been a Dream

Stone Walls and Steel Bars

Walk Softly On My Heart


two instruments build by Owen Lake - treble and tenor Countervielles

performers on the album include:

Owen Lake - vocals, bass, synthesizers
Matt Hough - guitar, backup vocals
Dave Novak - guitar, backup vocals
Ryan Smith - keyboards and synthesizers
Anna Stirr - vocals
Maria Sovnevesky - vocals
Bob Hoffnar - pedal steel guitar
Jim Altieri - violin and backup vocals
Nate Botts - trumpet
Michael Ibrahim - alto and tenor saxophone