A full-length album of all-new tunes, including two originals, will be released in September 2018, featuring the talents of Anica Mrose Rissi, Mike Mulshine, Mark Harris, Pamela Stein, Domenica Romagni, Mark Eichenberger, Rich Hinman, Susan Alcorn, Caroline Shaw, Annika Socolofsky, Noah Fishman, Ryan Ross Smith, and more.

Owen Lake's debut EP, A Love On My Mind, is available from Layered Records on iTunes and Amazon .

performers on the album include:

Owen Lake - vocals, bass, synthesizers
Matt Hough - guitar, backup vocals
Dave Novak - guitar, backup vocals
Ryan Smith - keyboards and synthesizers
Anna Stirr - vocals
Maria Sovnevesky - vocals
Bob Hoffnar - pedal steel guitar
Jim Altieri - violin and backup vocals
Nate Botts - trumpet
Michael Ibrahim - alto and tenor saxophone